Sunday, December 26, 2010

(Our) Christmas Story

Mom likes to entertain herself... at my expense.

Jack is the best Christmas gift!
Brian & I discussed how this year will be completely different from Christmases of the future. This year we all slept in, slowly showered and got ready before opening presents. Well, most of us. Jack slept. And while Jack was not impressed with much (other than the Christmas lights), we know that in years to come we will likely be playing with toys by the time we were awake this year.

Jack is worn out from all the Christmas festivities.

Friday, December 17, 2010

Holiday Snuggles

Jack spent his waking hours being quite fussy tonight while Grandma Brenda & Grandpa Sam were visiting. However, he quickly cuddled up with big brother and settled right down. I told Therin that Jack was only fussing because he knew that Therin was leaving for Montana in the morning.

Therin will spend his Christmas break with his Montana family, which makes his Washington family a little sad. Luckily, we get him back for another month after the holidays. Have a great break, T-rizzle, and give your big older sister some hugs from us!

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Jack David Furber

Jack and Therin snuggle.
Well, our son finally has a name, and one with no shortage of nicknames to keep his family entertained. Jack Skellington, Jack Be Nimble, Jumpin’ Jack Flash, and Jack Jack to name just a few.

In the first two weeks of Jack’s life I’ve already learned some lessons…
1.      Meconium is just a nice way of saying your baby pooped inside you.
2.      Things in the dark aren’t always as they appear, especially when overtired. Sorry for screaming at you, Brian…
3.      If we continue to use 4 diapers within a ten minute time period, the diaper bill will be much higher than what the lady at Babies R Us estimated. I’ve decided that cool air on boy’s bare bottoms makes for streams of pee and explosive bowel movements.
4.      They may be small, but bathing a newborn is similar to bathing a cat. Thankfully, minus the scratches, but a bit more slippery.
5.      Babies bring immaturity youthfulness. No other human makes such juicy sounding noises from their hindquarters. I find myself laughing like a middle school boy.
6.      Mostly, I’m learning about purely unconditional love. I suppose getting pooped on stresses the “unconditional” part.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Newest Addition to Furber Family

Jack David Furber was born at 11:28PM on 11-29-10. He was 18 3/4" long and weighed a healthy 7lbs 9oz despite arriving 2 weeks early.

After a long drawn out battle with many ridiculous recommendations - Raul, Optimus Prime, Romeo, Mace Windu, and Oswald to name a few - our son finally landed a name. Jack David Furber. Jack is Old English for John meaning "God's Grace." David is Hebrew in origin and means "beloved." Our Jack David was named after Brian's brothers, David & Jonathan.

Speaking of the little man, he is awake and letting me know that he's hungry!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Telling Mom She Was About to Be A Grandma

Grandma Brenda & Her Favorite Daughter
When I found out I was pregnant, I really wanted to tell my mommy in a special way. Conveniently, my beautiful sister & I had plans to take mom out for a day of play for her birthday, which made the secret keeping much easier. After sharing the news with my sister (who is usually a terrible secret keeper), we agreed that the news would make a great addition to our mommy's birthday surprise.

It was pretty hard to play it cool so we agreed to do birthday gifts first. I've never seen someone open gifts so slowly, and I'm pretty sure that Kirby & I were both ready to pee our pants with excitement when mom finally got around to opening my gift bag. Unbeknownst to mom, the best part of her present was at the bottom of the bag. At the very last, mom pulled out a little baby bib that said, "Grandma Loves Me."

Her initial response was "What!" like I was in big fat trouble and then she quickly broke into happy tears. We ended up ditching our initial plans and going shopping for baby items, baby books, and discussing baby names. Luckily, mom seemed thrilled to spend her birthday with her girls shopping for her first grandchild.

Unfortunately, our son still renames nameless because Brian has yet to realize that my name ideas are way better than his.