Monday, February 21, 2011

A Bird in the Hand...

I recently heard the phrase, "a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush." I remember being tested on the meanings of such phrases and decided to test Kylie since she will soon be taking the Sat & ACT. She had no idea what it meant so Brian & I tried to explain it. After several attempts at explanation, it finally made sense when I said, "A freshly baked cookie in the hand is better than two frozen pieces of cookie dough in the downstairs freezer."

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Jack & Jill

Jack had a hard day today. He went to his very first wedding where he discovered Jill was betrothed to another. He was so upset that he crapped his pants during the exchanging of the rings. The Furber Family was incredibly lucky to be sitting admist understanding parents because he wasn't quiet about the ordeal.

I'd love to show you pictures of how cute Jack looked for the wedding, but I was being quite literal when I said that he "crapped his pants." Instead, I'll leave you with this precious picture of the newlyweds.
The lighting of the Unity Candle.
In better news, Kylie seems to be doing quite well. Today she hung out with several, wonderful ladies and managed to appropriately spend her wad (thanks Grandma Mary!) at the mall. Oh to be a teenager again!
Ashley & Kylie enjoyed the first day of sun.... at the mall.

Therin Like Chuck Norris

Brian & I were missing Therin today so here's a little post of the "little" guy from his last night in Washington.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Anti Valentine's Day

Can you believe only one of these beautiful ladies has a bf?!
L-R: Joy, Ashley, Taryn, Kylie, Sophia, Kayla (holding Jack), Ivy

Kylie invited her friends over for an Anti Valentine's Day Party because it sounds way better than a S.A.D. Party (Singles Awareness Day). Without boys to gobble the food, these lovelies chowed nibbled on junk food, watched movies and cackled laughed the night away.

Jack enjoyed himself, too. The girls loved cuddling him so much that they began timing one another to determine whose turn it was to snuggle him next.

Jack claims Kayla's heart.
After just a couple weeks, Kylie has a  wonderful crew of friends and even admits that there are some things she likes a little better at her new school.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Amy the Aussie

Amy took Therin to the Imax
This morning we said "goodbye" to our favorite Aussie. Amy flew to California were she will spend a couple days in Disneyland before returning home to Brisbane, Queensland. Why she'd leave the beautiful PNW for flooding and cyclones is beyond us, but we are already looking forward to her return.

Thanks for all your help during this new season of our lives, Amy! I'm so glad you told baby Jack to come early and that you were there to take me to the hospital! Love you!

Jack adores his Aussie
Blaise hams it up at Amy's first Super Bowl party

L-R: Elise, Jack, Amy, Emma.

An Eventful Week...

Jack went into the doctor for his first immunizations. While he loved the crayon band-aids, they didnt keep him from bawling like the baby he is. Jack was just glad when it was all over and he could snuggle into his Momma.

Jack vomited his breakfast. Over the course of the day, Jack became more lethargic, had a decrease in appetite, wasn't smiling and just didn't seem like himself. By evening, Jack had a slight fever and so he & momma headed for the Emergency Room at the children's hospital.

After a miserable 12 hours, 2 blood tests, a urine test, a lumbar test, an IV later.... Jack was a little better, and we headed back home.

Kylie, too, was feeling sick. She ended up staying home from school on Thursday and Friday with an upset tummy.

Daddy & Jack visited Dr. Overstreet for a follow-up appointment. Jack loves Dr. Overstreet, even if her nurse gave him those mean shots, and his parents like her, too. Jack's other tests came back with good results, but the Doctor was still worried about his dehydration.

By the end of the day, Daddy was starting to worry, too, because Jack wasn't drinking milk like he was supposed to or creating the subsequent wet diapers. Also, he wasn't acting like his usual happy self. Daddy took him to the E.R. for the second time this week.

Once at the E.R. though, Jack drank a good amount of his bottle and begun to perk up a little bit. Soon he was giggling & flirting with the E.R. doc. Daddy was able to get Jack to drink a good amount of pedialyte excusing him from another IV and the E.R. sent them home.

Jack continues to improve although his small appetite still worries Momma...