Thursday, March 29, 2012

Jack is Sixteen Months!

Jack's First Popsicle
My Dear Jack,

Mama's favorite thing about this month is your kisses. Rather than just sticking your face close to someone, you give actual kisses now with an adorable smooch sound to boot!

Unfortunately, you also learned to say, "no", which you use with great regularity. You've become pretty opinionated. You let everyone know what you want and when you want it. As soon as you wake up from your nap, you go over to the fridge, point at the door and say "more!"

You're also quite the climber. I'm sure you will soon leap over the arm of the couch, and you're big enough to climb up on the fireplace stoop, which seems way too dangerous. I find myself wondering why more people don't baby-proof their houses. Don't they know what a wild man you are?!

I'm looking forward to the next month with you. You have a brother visiting and some travel plans of your own! I'm excited for more time with you, Jack. I love you!

Loving Blueberries

Loves Cupcakes, Too!
And, don't forget to check Jack out on YouTube!

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Flashback Friday {the college years}

Happy St. Patrick's Day, Friends! Did you wear green? Or, did you get pinched? This isn't only St. Patty's day. It's also a Flashback Friday.

The pictures below are from a few years back when my mom & sister came to visit me in Spokane. I was struggling to survive the rigors at Whitworth College (now, Whitworth University), and found such a breath of fresh air in a visit from family. Aren't they adorable?

Lindsay & Kirby

Mom & Kirby - don't they look like sisters?!

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Wordless Wednesday (But With Words)

Grandpa Ron came for a visit this week. Jack has really enjoyed Grandpa's visit because Grandpa is one of the few suckers people in this house still willing to push Jack around in his car. Today, Grandpa even took Jack for a walk to the park.

Considering it was snowing earlier and very windy
during this picture, I'm still happy with the photo.

I'm pretty sure Jack is saying, "More!"
because Grandpa stopped for a second.

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Monday, March 12, 2012

Show Off Your Shot

I'm proud of this one. By that I mean, the picture and the little guy.

That one sunny day.

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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Good Job, Pinterest!

My previous experiences with Pinterest was less than successful and more than messy. So many crafty people showing off their DIY goodies, and I sooo wanted to be in the club. Everyone makes it look so easy. I was determined to try again.

Quite awhile ago (pre-Jack), Brian & I discussed taking a woodworking class. We both thought it would be extremely cool to have family dinners at a table that he & I had made together. Well, those plans never came to fruition, and now I'm sure that we need more practice before that can happen.

I found great toy box instructions and was determined that "I can do that." After a way longer than necessary trip to Home Depot, I had all the wood. It took me quite awhile before I finally admitted to myself that I was going to need help with this project.

With Brian's direction, it only took a couple hours in the garage to whip up our toy box. I think it took me more than twice as long to finish the painting, but I'm very happy with this Pinterest Project. I think Jack is, too.

Playing in the toy box.

I had to bribe him with treats to get even this picture.

"Leave me alone. I'm busy, Mom."
Click here for the toy box plans.