Friday, July 29, 2011

Jack is Eight Months!

Could you be any cuter, Jack?! Seriously, Kid, you have so much personality. You love people and are quick to pass out smiles. You think the puppets on Baby Einstein (adorable video to follow) are you're personal comedy crew and you belly laugh whenever you see Charlie or Tucker. The doggies like you, too, especially when you give them treats drop your snacks or have sweet potatoes on your fingers. And, boy! Do you love to eat, especially when I let you feed yourself.

This month we've worked on learning to sit. Once we started working on it, you pretty much had it down in just a couple days. I'm so proud of you!

It's hard to think that my smiling son is going to get in trouble, disappoint me, and find ways to break my heart... My heart did break a couple days ago, tho, when you fell from your changing station. My friend warned me and you have been quite the wiggle worm, but I still wasn't prepared for you to leap to the floor. I guess you wanted a naked booty. Thankfully, you're fine. The doctor made me feel better about my parenting by sharing that she sees boys 3x as much as girls, and that you looked like a mover & a shaker so she'd probably be seeing me a lot. Probably, that shouldn't make me feel better...

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Kylie's Baptism

Have I ever mentioned that Brian & I LOVE Kylie's friends? Besides the fact that they're beautiful, hilarious, Jack-lovin' sweethearts.... they also know when a friend might need a little kick in that patootie.

After tons of peer pressure encouragement from Kylie's friends, she decided to attend UPPC's youth mission trip to Kentucky. She raised her own funds through donations, yard work, car washes and more so that she could serve a community in economic poverty.
Cowboy Hat is a KY Souvenir.

Brian & I were thrilled that Ky decided to go. We knew it would round out some of her qualifications on the college applications, but more importantly we knew that serving can by a life-changing experience. However, we were also nervous about how she would handle such a new, and often, emotionally trying experience. We had little reason to worry because Kylie did great! She came home excited to share stories about the people she met, all the work she accomplished and how much she'd learned about herself.

The day after Kylie came home, she woke up to go to church, and she even made Therin get out of bed and go. This was quite a change from just a week prior. After the service, she tracked down Pastor Patrick so she could talk to him about getting baptized.

Taeler Baptizes Kylie

Kylie will be the first to admit that she still has a lot of questions about Christianity and what she believes, but the coolest part about her experience is that it has encouraged her to take an initiative. She's reading through Mark, meeting with mentors and looking forward to a study that will hopefully answer some of her questions. Brian & I are very proud of her.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Furber Funnies

Tonight I made kale with bacon and onions. The vegetable-hating Therin said, "this vegetable is pretty good minus the green stuff." Kylie aptly said, "so, basically you like bacon?"

Later in the evening, Brian was laying Jack down to sleep and as Daddy sweetly rocked his baby I heard, "and if that M16 won't shoot, daddy's gonna buy you some sassafras root..."

Poor Jack probably doesn't stand a chance.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Brian's Belated Bday

The Furbers finally celebrated Brian's birthday with a day trip to Seattle. We had lunch at Dick's Drive-In, which has been a Seattle hot spot since 1954. However, they do not make special orders to the dismay of my condiment-hating boys, but do have the most amazing fries ever if you ask Kylie

Then, we went a few more blocks via a circuitous route to Molly Moon's for some interesting flavors of ice cream. I recommend the salted caramel, but you may also enjoy basalmic strawberry, ginger and many more.

Kylie's Fear Face
Jack exhibits his mighty strength
After filling our tummy with yummies, we trekked over to the Seattle Science Center for the Goose Bumps exhibit. Although it was pretty fun, I remember being a lot more impressed with the Science Center when I was a kid.

Lastly, we dropped Jack off with Grandma Brenda & Sam so we could check out the new X-Men: First Class movie. I think the word "epic" is highly-overused, but this movie fits the bill. You should definitely check it out!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Furber Family Fourth!

Daddy & Jack walking on the tidelands
We woke early for my family which meant we finally hit the road after 10am on The Fourth for a Furber Family day of fun and headed to Sequim where the sun's always shining! We immediately headed to my dear friend, Mary Beth's, house. She graciously let my family use her beach house as our home base while we crabbed, cooked up our snappy crustaceans, kayaked and setup the Furber Family Firework display. In Kylie's words, this year will be hard to beat! It was the best July 4th ever.

Therin is ready to catch crab... bare handed!
Adventurous siblings

Kylie is trying tons of new things these past few weeks.

Our yummy, patriotic dish

Sweet Jack fell asleep before the fireworks