Friday, July 29, 2011

Jack is Eight Months!

Could you be any cuter, Jack?! Seriously, Kid, you have so much personality. You love people and are quick to pass out smiles. You think the puppets on Baby Einstein (adorable video to follow) are you're personal comedy crew and you belly laugh whenever you see Charlie or Tucker. The doggies like you, too, especially when you give them treats drop your snacks or have sweet potatoes on your fingers. And, boy! Do you love to eat, especially when I let you feed yourself.

This month we've worked on learning to sit. Once we started working on it, you pretty much had it down in just a couple days. I'm so proud of you!

It's hard to think that my smiling son is going to get in trouble, disappoint me, and find ways to break my heart... My heart did break a couple days ago, tho, when you fell from your changing station. My friend warned me and you have been quite the wiggle worm, but I still wasn't prepared for you to leap to the floor. I guess you wanted a naked booty. Thankfully, you're fine. The doctor made me feel better about my parenting by sharing that she sees boys 3x as much as girls, and that you looked like a mover & a shaker so she'd probably be seeing me a lot. Probably, that shouldn't make me feel better...

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