Thursday, August 30, 2012

Jack is Twenty-One Months Old!

My Dear Sweet Son,

You're talking non-stop and it's fun to have conversations with you. You love pointing out colors and shapes that you see. I'm amazed how quickly you learn, and yet not thrilled with all of your mimicry. I've had to ask several people to watch their language as you are a little too quick to repeat anything you hear.

Daddy & I have done all we can to prevent ear infections, but your little body seems prone to them so it looks like we will have a meeting with an ear specialist to discuss tubes. I feel badly that you have to go through this, but I'm sure that your doctor is tired of your paranoid mom scheduling appointments to check your ears.

You love to sing songs, especially songs with hand motions. You love planes & trains. It's scary how fearless you are, but I enjoy seeing you love life.

Because digging in just a diaper is so much fun.

Someone wasn't very patient with the photo op process.

Enjoying treats from Hello Cupcake.

Monday, August 27, 2012

A Day At the Beach

Jack & I went to Sequim the other day. Since we were staying across the street from the beach AND having great weather, we decided to go play by the water. Jack thought he was pretty big stuff hanging out with the older kids.

Ashley, Jack, Emma & Blaise

And, he sure kept his friends busy. Jack really wanted in the water, but I had several helpers who kept Jack from getting wet.

Blaise carries Jack away from the water's edge.

Blaise & Jack

Playing in the sand.

Friday, August 24, 2012

Leaving Las Vegas!

In July, Kylie flew to Vegas for orientation at the University of Nevada in Las Vegas. After her first week, she already had a job at UNLV's bookstore and was excited to meet her roommate. So far, I think she's liking college life.

Brian drove Kylie's car down to Vegas and swung by Montana to grab Therin on his way. Then, Mama and Jack flew down on a plane. Jack loves planes, and he loves getting to see "Brother" and "Sister" in one spot.

Therin, Jack & Kylie

When people hear we're going to Vegas, I know that they immediately picture The Strip. We actually go to visit family and play in Grandma Mary's pool. However, this time Brian treated me to a night at the Luxor (so now I can say that I've slept in a pyramid). We caught an early show, and like the party animals we are, were in bed by 11:30pm.

We stayed at Brian's brother's house so we could play with cousins as much as possible. It was fun to meet our newest little cousin. Heath is sweet & smiley. And, really limber. The kid is always chewing on his toes! I'm positive that I've never been that flexible...

Our new cousin, Heath.

Hayden is a sweetie and a wild man.

Jack & Hayden at the water park that Uncle Dave built.
Well, maybe he just helped find funding for the project.

Jack with his namesake, Uncle David
It was great to see the fam and nice to get some warmer weather, but we fly home this afternoon. Although, we're sad to say goodbye, it will be nice to climb into our own beds tonight.