Thursday, August 30, 2012

Jack is Twenty-One Months Old!

My Dear Sweet Son,

You're talking non-stop and it's fun to have conversations with you. You love pointing out colors and shapes that you see. I'm amazed how quickly you learn, and yet not thrilled with all of your mimicry. I've had to ask several people to watch their language as you are a little too quick to repeat anything you hear.

Daddy & I have done all we can to prevent ear infections, but your little body seems prone to them so it looks like we will have a meeting with an ear specialist to discuss tubes. I feel badly that you have to go through this, but I'm sure that your doctor is tired of your paranoid mom scheduling appointments to check your ears.

You love to sing songs, especially songs with hand motions. You love planes & trains. It's scary how fearless you are, but I enjoy seeing you love life.

Because digging in just a diaper is so much fun.

Someone wasn't very patient with the photo op process.

Enjoying treats from Hello Cupcake.

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