Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Why did I just say that?

Kirby, The H.S. Years
Isn't she adorable?!
Does anybody else ever say really stupid stuff? Maybe it's because I'm a little too honest... The joke in my family is that I'm the honest daughter and Kirby is the strong daughter. For whatever reason, my Mom had it backwards for awhile. She would ask Kirby, "Does this outfit look OK?" Instead of lying, Kirby started telling Mom to go ask me

(Tangent: Kirby on the other hand is the PNW equivalent of an Amazon woman. By that I don't mean that she likes internet shopping, though that is also true. When she was on a mission trip in high school, she carried two, full five-gallon buckets uphill for most of a day. Another time, while hiking through Peru, Kirby got some blisters but didn't want to complain. When she finally showed her guide, he essentially had to do surgery on the side of the road because her blisters were super infected. She's a tough cookie.).

Sometimes I say really stupid stuff and I wonder if I came with a filter. One of these days, I'm really going to get myself in trouble.

Sisters, Ivy & Winnie
For example, there was a day when a bunch of teenage girls were at my house to hang out with Kylie. I noticed one of them had a tag still attached to her hat, and before I finished thinking out pops, "is that a black thing?" Now, lucky for me two things happened. First, Ivy just laughed because she knows me well enough to know that my question stemmed from honest curiosity rather than a prejudice. And secondly, Ivy agreed that it was a African-American trend.

Jack saw our neighbor's daughter outside and so he went toddling next door. While we were there, Jack makes a beeline for her brick stairs, which of course have loose bricks. I didn't really want Jack to play on them because he was still working on just walking smoothly so I made a comment about how he's making me look bad because he always has some bruise on his face. After an awkward silence, I remembered. "Oh, my neighbor works for CPS...."

Jack & Charlie, Fall '11.
More recently, I attempted to get in trouble with my son's doctor. Jack was getting a prescription for another ear infection, and Dr. Overstreet shared that honey can actually sooth sore throats better than conventional medicine sold in the drugstores. With a totally dry face, I told her that I just like to give him a spoon of whiskey instead because it puts him right to sleep. After another super awkward pause, I said that I was kidding and luckily she believed me.

Feel free to share your embarrassing moments to help me feel a little better about myself!

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kat said...

haha that totally sounds like me. im always too blunt and get teased a lot for it (or just in awkward situations). must run in the older siblings of the king-daughters...