Saturday, September 29, 2012

Jack is Twenty-Two Months!

Jack likes eating a whole apple all by himself... And, I do mean the whole thing. Where's the core, Buddy?

Jack loves Super Why & Sesame. Yes, we let him watch TV. Don't judge me. I don't know how else to get a break so I can make dinner!

Jack loves trains and airplanes. He will enthusiastically announce their arrival whenever he sees or hears one nearby.

Jack loves to be outside, especially if it means playing in the water or throwing dirt in the air. Going fast. Or, climbing something dangerous.

Son, I love how stubborn independent you are. I love that you get so excited when you see letters of the alphabet, and how quickly you're picking up the ABC's. I love that even though you are all boy, you still stop to give your Mama some loves.

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