Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Jack is Fifteen Months!

You started walking this month.That was pretty fun, and it still is. I get excited every time you take more than a couple steps, especially since you still scoot on your booty quite a bit, which is getting quite embarrassing, buddy.

You have quite the vocabulary, although there is often the need for interpretation:
"bite this"
"more this"
"no, no, no"

You love brushing your teeth, putting on lotion, and playing in mom's makeup bag (Don't tell Grandpa Jim).
You love pushing your stroller around the house, and you love to connive one of the adults in the house to push you around in your stroller.
You love shape sorting, though you still need mama's help.
You love nooks, cell phones, laptops remotes and all other easily broken electronic devices that you shouldn't be playing with.
You love pbj and popcorn.
You love feeding Charlie your snacks and his snacks.

You love a lot of things, but I've realized you really love to eat.


Jim Treiber said...

My grandson is growing so fast. Is it me, or is he brilliant?

West Coast Sea Glass said...
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TreiFurb said...

You might be biased, dad.