Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Anti Valentine's Day

Can you believe only one of these beautiful ladies has a bf?!
L-R: Joy, Ashley, Taryn, Kylie, Sophia, Kayla (holding Jack), Ivy

Kylie invited her friends over for an Anti Valentine's Day Party because it sounds way better than a S.A.D. Party (Singles Awareness Day). Without boys to gobble the food, these lovelies chowed nibbled on junk food, watched movies and cackled laughed the night away.

Jack enjoyed himself, too. The girls loved cuddling him so much that they began timing one another to determine whose turn it was to snuggle him next.

Jack claims Kayla's heart.
After just a couple weeks, Kylie has a  wonderful crew of friends and even admits that there are some things she likes a little better at her new school.

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