Sunday, December 12, 2010

Jack David Furber

Jack and Therin snuggle.
Well, our son finally has a name, and one with no shortage of nicknames to keep his family entertained. Jack Skellington, Jack Be Nimble, Jumpin’ Jack Flash, and Jack Jack to name just a few.

In the first two weeks of Jack’s life I’ve already learned some lessons…
1.      Meconium is just a nice way of saying your baby pooped inside you.
2.      Things in the dark aren’t always as they appear, especially when overtired. Sorry for screaming at you, Brian…
3.      If we continue to use 4 diapers within a ten minute time period, the diaper bill will be much higher than what the lady at Babies R Us estimated. I’ve decided that cool air on boy’s bare bottoms makes for streams of pee and explosive bowel movements.
4.      They may be small, but bathing a newborn is similar to bathing a cat. Thankfully, minus the scratches, but a bit more slippery.
5.      Babies bring immaturity youthfulness. No other human makes such juicy sounding noises from their hindquarters. I find myself laughing like a middle school boy.
6.      Mostly, I’m learning about purely unconditional love. I suppose getting pooped on stresses the “unconditional” part.

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