Sunday, April 29, 2012

Jack is Seventeen Months!

Jack you are quite the character these days. Very independent and headstrong. You think it's so funny to say, "no, no, no" and shake your finger whenever you are doing something that you're not supposed to. A couple days ago, you & Mama had a meeting of the minds when you continuously threw her sea glass all over the floor. It started with sobbing and tears, but we ended with hugs.

You're going to preschool at the church one day a week and we both love it. You're ready to jump out of my arms and play when we arrive. It's so nice to have even three hours away from you to get work done, and yet I love going to pick you up. You're so excited to see me again that you even snuggle a little bit.

Jack, you continue to love music. As soon as you hear music, you say "dance" (or "da", which is very similar in sound to "dad" and "dog") and start do a head-bob. You've incorporated some other moves, too. There is the squat & bob, which is just basically moving your booty up & down a little. And, every white boy needs to practice their foot stomping hoe down.

Jack in the box.

You've picked up some of your sister's habits, too. You're a total hand-talker. Who knows what you're saying half the time, but we do know that with all the wild gesturing that you're very serious.

Cousins, Jack & Lucy

You love Elmo. Every time you watch Sesame Street, you laugh when Elmo comes on. And, I found you some practically new Elmo slippers (Goodwill for $1!) that you bring me so you can wear them around the house. And, sometimes you just hug them.

Yesterday Kylie said that you're just getting cuter and cuter. We might be slightly biased, but I think that's a pretty accurate statement, Jack. You're adorable!

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