Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Jack is Eighteen Months!

After months of trying, Jack is finally willing to sit and read books. Tonight we read the same book for about 20 minutes, until it randomly disappeared.
Kim & Jack

Jack is perpetually teething. Suddenly, Jack has a mouthful of ten teeth, which he very dutifully brushes each night. He also loves to put lotion on.

Jack is quite the big helper. He helps mom empty the dishwasher and put away dishes. He helps to dig dirt out in the garden. And, he especially loves helping to unfold clothes.
Daddy & Jack on their way to Sesame Street Show

Mom daringly removed the gate above the stairs this month. So far, Jack doesn't care about the stairs unless someone goes down them. Then, he wants to follow, but luckily he also wants your hand getting down the stairs. Daddy worried that Mom was moving too quickly for our fearless climber and suggested we wait to remove the gate until Jack was 10 years old. However, I envision Jack climbing over the gate and tumbling headfirst so we're trying it my way.

But either way, I see bumps and bruises ahead. This rough and tumble guy sure loves to be on the move!

Who would believe a sweet looking boy could be so damn strong-willed?!

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