Friday, June 29, 2012

Jack is Nineteen Months!

In his reading chair.
Dear Jack,

You love to read. Several times a day, you'll hand me a book and climb into my lap for story time. I'm okay with that because it's a rare opportunity that you allow me to cuddle you.

Daddy has been gone this month, and he comes home tonight. I know you will be so excited to see him. We talk about Daddy a lot and look at his pictures. We even have some video of Daddy reading you a story. One time when we were watching the video you kept waving your little hand, saying, "Hi. Da. Hi." It was pretty adorable.

You are working so hard to communicate and have all sorts of new words under your belt. Even if you're not always able to communicate what you want, I often find myself surprised by how much of life you're tracking. My favorite new word is "Ma!", which always tends to be in the form of a yell. My least favorite is "mine."  
Cute like Daddy.

Other New Words:
Star, car and guitar (which all sound very similar).

Things You Love:
Riding in your wagon
Climbing (like your Aunt Kirby did)

I love you, Little Man! Looking forward to the next month with you!

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