Sunday, July 29, 2012

Jack is Twenty Months!

Well, Jack, I've always thought you were brilliant, but the doctor confirmed it this month. Apparently, most children learn their colors around 3 or 4. But you, my wonderful child, are learning colors like crazy. It's so cute to hear you say, "yellow", and you clearly love blue as you constantly point it out.

Speaking of color, you love to color. I have to be careful, less you color all over yourself or the walls or the table or books...

You're a feisty little thing. You completely know what's naughty and will often hide behind your hands when you know you're due a swat for disobeying. In fact, you've been known to swat your own bottom for walking off the driveway and into the road.

Proof of your little brother abilities to annoy...

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