Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Owen James Furber

Owen James Furber
As Owen’s one year birthday draws near, my heart is very full. Part of me is amazed with what a beautiful, healthy and happy guy he has become. His current, fat little body is so different from the first few weeks of life that he almost seems like a different little person. Could this really be the same boy who had no interest in eating?

The socks to prevent Owen from pulling
out his "pipes" as Jack called them. 
I think Owen is making up for lost time because now if he sees someone eating he thinks it’s time for him to eat, as well. Even if he just ate. I think he’s more than made up for those weeks where he was force fed through a tube down his nose. I can’t believe this is the same baby that we counted every ounce of milk and even added powdered formula to his breast milk to give him additional calories. A mom could not be more proud of fat cheeks. 

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