Monday, January 24, 2011

Therin's Last Weekend

Therin returns to Montana at the end of the week so we decided to have some fun in the hopes of changing his mind before he goes. Brian took him to Edgeworks for some indoor rock climbing and they had a blast. I made Brian promise to bring me back pictures for the blog since it was a "Big Boys Only" outing (Jack was stuck with mom), and despite them going both Saturday and Sunday, all I have are these lousy cell phone shots to show for it...

Belay On!

Both boys came home with sore muscles.
We also enjoyed a movie night with Calzookies - a Furber family favorite consisting of freshly, almost-done cookies atop ice cream. Thank God for the large packs of frozen cookie dough at Costco.

We're sorry to see T-rizzle leave, but it's been lots of fun having him here. I know we're all sad to see him go, but I'm pretty sure that Jack will cry the most at the loss of his very cool, big brother.

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