Sunday, January 30, 2011

Two Months

Dear Jack,

I can't believe it's already been two months since that hellish night sweet day you were born. I always said that all newborns are kinda ugly looking, but I swear you were the cutest!
Jack's first day home from the hospital
You still have your days and nights confused, as I sit here at 12:12am and type, and tonight I tried to lay you down in your own bed to little avail. Maybe in a few more days mama will have more gumption, but for now I couldn't stand to hear you cry for very long. 

Your daddy doesn't like to hear you cry either.  He still hasn't figured out what your cries mean, and always assumes that mommy needs to feed you.  He'll learn fast, especially since this weekend mommy will be away.

You love bath time, and so does mom since it helps keep you awake in the early evenings. Tonight I just held your head above water in the big tub while the rest of your body floated. You thought it was the best thing ever and kicked your little feets.

Today was a big day for you. Not only did you turn two months old, but your daddy left with a Therin and came back with a Kylie. You were extra fussy after Therin left this morning and I think you were missing him already. However, today was the first time you met your big sister and she made for a pretty cool two month birthday present. You were so excited when she held you that you crapped your pants. Loudly.

Tummy time is still no fun, but we'll keep working on that. Just like we're working on a more normal sleep schedule, and getting you to sleep in your crib. Everyone loves your smiles, but most times you'd rather just blow bubbles. I'm so excited to see what new things you will be trying next! You are so much fun, my little Jack. I love you!

Daddy & Jack before bath time.


rachel said...

so cute! next time I see you I totally get to hold him, k? ; )

TreiFurb said...

thanks, rachel! you will, of course, get to hold with jack next time, but will cp get jealous if you snuggle another cute boy?