Tuesday, May 17, 2011


Tucker was not impressed with the new lil pup.
 A couple years ago, we welcomed a rambunctious puppy named Charlie into our family. Kylie & Therin were surprised to see me laying on top of the liitle brat until I explained that it was a technique that taught the dog who the alpha of the pack was. Whenever Charlie disobeyed, I told them that Charlie needed a reminder that I was the boss.

A couple months later, Therin was laying on the living room floor watching t.v. when Kylie jumped on him and yelled, "Alpha!" This sparked a new rowdy, slugfest game of declaring "Alpha!" at all sorts of random times.

Apparently, the game is contagious. After a short afternoon with friends, Kjerstein and Doug, we parted ways, but not before we heard one of them yell "Alpha!"

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