Sunday, May 29, 2011

Jack is Six Months!

Mommy's Birthday
My Sweet Son,

I've not taken nearly enough pictures of you in the last month. This is probably because you're keeping me so busy. I'm going to also use that excuse for why I never posted a "Jack is Five Months!" update.

Daddy & I started to worry about you. Jenny was bragging on her blog about how Benjamin was rolling from his back to his tummy, and he is a whole month younger than you! So, we upped your tummy time and you started rolling over in a couple days, which is incredibly ironic because you still hate tummy time. Now when I leave you to play in your room, I often return to find you in a whole new spot.

Jack Loves Sweet Potatoes.
You're such a happy, little man. It's great because if I leave you playing in your room for awhile, you do pretty well on your own. And when I come back to check on how you're doing, you are so excited to see me!

We have a new friend who comes to play with you once a week. Kelsey is practicing her babysitting skills by watching you while I'm here. So far she's doing really well. You love to play with her and today she was even able to get you to sleep, which is quite the feat!

Speaking of sleep, it's about time you learn to fall asleep on your own, Little Bug. Soon the Furbers will teach you all about Ferberizing, and you're not gonna love it. Just trust that Mama & Daddy know what they're doing, Jack. At least, we think we do.

Photo Credit: Kylie Lenee
We still think you're pretty wonderful. Even your big sissy, whom you adore, thinks your special. The other day she had a little photo shoot while you slept. It turned out that her photography homework was to take a picture of something "perfect". That's you, Jack.

For the Grandparents: Jack is getting quite big. We can squeeze him into 6 month clothes, but mostly he wears 9-12 months.


Kelsey said...

happy sixth month birthday jack!! you are so cute and perfect and i actually got you to fall asleep. your mommy's so pretty and she loves you so much! love ya jack!

TreiFurb said...

Kelsey, you did such a wonderful job getting him to sleep! I was very impressed with how patient you were with him. Thank you!