Thursday, September 29, 2011

Jack is Ten Months!

Holy Crap! I can't believe you are 10 months old Jack! Someone asked me today and I was still saying 9 months, which explains why this originally posted with just notes to myself about all that you've been learning.

I must say that this has been quite the month. You've learned to clap your hands and to wave when someone comes in a room. Sometimes you get the two confused, but Kylie says that it's nice to have someone clap when she walks into a room. Your new accomplishments are so super cute, and I want everybody to see how adorable you are. Unfortunately, you don't like to perform on command, despite our best efforts to train teach you with treats rewards.

You've definitely decided that scooting around on your bottom is way easier than learning to crawl so I'm back to forcing you to get tummy time. You still just army crawl around, but every now and then I catch you using those abs to lift your body up. I think you're pretty content with scooting & army crawling, and probably I should be, too, since you get around quite quickly.

Daddy had to put in cupboard latches this past week. You love opening drawers and cupboards so we'll have to be kinda careful. My guess is you think it's funny to watch mom sweep behind you and pick up all the messes. I swear your favorite thing about your books isn't reading because you can barely sit still for a book, but you love to tear every book off your shelf.

You're sleeping right now, Jack, which is good because you've had a rough couple weeks. Turns out you have an ear infection right now and it's made you a bit grumpy. It's also made you a bit more of a snuggler, and Mama doesn't mind that part too much. There are very few times when you stop being such a busy lil man and let me hold you.

I love you, Sweet Son, and I can't wait for tomorrow!

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