Wednesday, September 21, 2011

My. Crappy. Day.

I like to work while my sweet son sleeps, but unfortunately Jack woke up a little too early today. After snuggling for a bit I thought that I would leave Jack to play in his room while I finished up my office work.
As I sat at my computer, I could hear Jack scooting in just a diaper down the hall. What an adorable son I have! Who knew a hallway could be so entertaining?!

(Sidenote: our poor puppies have the worst gas. We’ve tried changing their food to no avail. I’m open to suggestions at this point!) Tucker was letting loose while I worked and the smell was atrocious. Finally, I decided that he was just letting off a little steam, but perhaps there was a pile somewhere.

Upon further investigation I discovered that poor Jack had had an explosive bowel movement that was now streaked down the hallway and along the walls. Not to mention what covered his back, hands and –dare-I-say – mouth!

I must have screamed because Jack & I just stood there (well, he sat there in his poo) with our eyes locked for a full minute before I finally realized I needed to get Jack into the bath. My son is clean and so are the walls & floor.

Some days as a “Mommy” are better than others.

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~Amy~ said...

hahahaha glad I wasn't there for this :P