Monday, December 12, 2011

Dear Tucker

My Sweet Puppy,

I'll always remember the day I picked you out. While all the other puppies came running out to meet us, you hid under the truck. My family tried to sway my heart with other puppies, but I wouldn't put you down. When we got you home and gave you your first bath, we were surprised how white you were!

I remember when we lived on the 20 acres in Sequim and you always thought that you were hiding in the forest. No matter how frozen you stood, we could still see your white coat amidst the forest. You were a stubborn puppy.

I remember when we tried to teach you to stay outside at night without barking. I slept outside with you and woke in the morning with a crushing in my chest. I was face down and couldn't get up because you had curled up in the middle of my back.

I'll always remember you keeping me warm during cold Spokane nights. You were the best bed buddy.

I'll promise to remember how you've always kept me safe no matter what sketchy neighborhood we lived in. You faced that stupid 140lb pit bull who attacked you and came out no worse for the wear. You are my brave and yet incredibly gentle baby.

I'll always remember how great you were with kids. I'll never forget you allowing 2 year old Marie walk you around on your leash. You put up with all sorts of hair pulling with nothing more than occasional sad eyes in my direction.

Goodbye, my friend. I love you.

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Lindsy said...

I'm actually crying. One of my favorite Tucker-Lindsay stories is when you had Kirby's scooter that went 5 MPH and you rode around on that to walk Tucker. It was perfect! We're going to miss him!