Thursday, December 29, 2011

Jack is 13 Months!

Jack, all you wanted for Christmas was your four front teeth, which you can see in this picture. You also got tons of other stuff that we now have to shove into bags and haul back to Seattle.

You finally learned to crawl this month with the help of your cousin. Hayden loves having a little guy around the house and he has patiently played with you. He calls dibs on sitting next to you at meals, and he loves helping you get up after naptime.

Jack & Hayden
You also got your first crack at climbing stairs. As soon as we got to Uncle David's house, you went right for them, much to your mom's dismay.

You have new words this month. Jack, you can say ball, are signing & saying more ("mo"), which just means you want some food. You can say up ("bup"), and bear which is any kind of stuffed animal. It's so much fun to watch you learn and grow. I loved cuddling you when you were so small, and now I look at your little cousin and wonder when she's going to do something fun.

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