Sunday, January 29, 2012

Jack is Fourteen Months!

Jack, you are fearless. You scare me. Your shins & forehead have perma-bruises from your constant climbing and falling. I found myself laying in bed a few nights ago worrying that someone would accuse me of beating you. I guess that you're just a little bit daring like your Aunt Kirby.

You are starting to stand without holding on so I'm thinking we'll have a walker soon, which I am positive that I could live without. I won't lie. You are already quite the handful and I cannot imagine you being any busier.

You are mischievous and bright. This month you added "bite", "light", and "birdie" to your vocabulary this last month. It's nice that you are more able to communicate because it means less fussing and frustration on both our parts.

You love life, Jack.
You love to stand underfoot help in the kitchen when mama cooks dinner.
You love to splash in the bathtub.
You love to smile and laugh when mama says "no".
You love to eat and feed yourself.
You love to dance.
And, I love watching you enjoy life.

Grandparents: Jack is almost into 18M clothes. Size 5 shoes. He looks adorable in hoodies.

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Lindsy said...

his eyes are SO BLUE! and i love his hair!