Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Wordless Wednesday, But With Words.

A couple months ago, Jack and I went up to Seattle to visit my sweet sister. We mostly just tooled around Goodwill looking at cute baby clothes for my niece! And, of course, we got lattes because Seattle lattes are an experience all to themselves. Can anyone tell me why other cities can't make lattes like they do in Seattle?! I don't get it.
Anyway, Jack really loves his Aunt Kirby. Maybe as much as he loves the ruffly flowers on her shirt. As you can see, it made them both giggle. Love these two!

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and then, she {snapped}


rachel said...

Two of the best lattes I've ever had in my life: one was at public domain in downtown portland, and one was last week at sattelite coffee by wright park. but I do love me some forza on a regular basis. OH! and your sister is CUTE!

Lindsy said...

She looks beautiful and Jack's smile in pic #3 is awesome!!!