Saturday, August 27, 2011

Naked Sunday

Earlier this Spring, Brian came home from a long day of work to discover that I wanted to rip up part of the front yard. I was sure that I'd do it all by myself, but after a few tugs I knew that I couldn't pull out the shrubs. Luckily, my sweet husband who knows I don't like to ask for help trekked outside to help me rip apart our yard.

This year, despite a complete lack of a green thumb, I planted my very first garden. I had have no idea what I'm doing, but have been successful so far. Our family has had a wonderful crop of snap peas, zucchini and a pile of tomatoes on the way... The strawberries seem to need a little more work. Any tips?

Cherry Tomatoes

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Ames said...

yep. move somewhere a bit more tropical...