Wednesday, March 6, 2013

The Three Little Pigs

Some of the best parenting advice that Brian & I received in our early years came from my Uncle Tim & Aunt Janet. They pointed out the threadbare remains of my youngest cousin, Levi's, "Silky Dog," and suggested we buy duplicates of Jack's favorite, soothing item whether it be a teddy bear, blanket, etc. 

Jack, much to his Great Grandmother King's revulsion (perhaps, living on an actual farm has effected her affection for pigs), fell in love with pigs. His favorite movie is "Charlotte's Web". His favorite TV show is "Wibbly Pig". Many of his favorite books include pigs. He loves "This little piggy went to the market..." And, if I have to sing about Old McDonald's farm one more time!
Jack quickly discovered the extra
"Closet Pig" and will often be seen
toting two pigs about the house.
After recognizing Jack's infinite love of everything pig, his parents dutifully bought a couple more. Now, three little pigs may seem like overkill to the average parent, but today we used all three.

I awoke at 3:30AM to hearing my son intermittently, crying and puking. Poor Daddy who had to leave for work in less than 2 hours jumped out of bed (Literally. I don't think he was even awake) to help console our confused, little boy while Mom-mom cleaned up the mess. This happened 2 more times before 5:30am so needless to say Mom-mom has been doing her share of laundry today.  
Jack is seen here with "Car Pig"

Jack is currently napping with one of the pigs while mom continues to fight the laundry mountain.

So, today I find myself especially grateful for wonderful pediatricians, Jack's Daddy and the ability to use the internet to purchase matching pigs. Because what would we do in a world without pigs?

Jack with "Crib Pig"

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