Saturday, March 9, 2013

Kid Tested, Mother Approved

Jack goes to "school" two mornings a week. Both Mom and Jack agree that school is just about the best thing. Ever. Jack often runs through his school door without so much as a "see ya" to his Mom-mom, which is actually a very comforting feeling. 

I love everything about the setup. Jack is familiar with the preschool teachers because he's with the same teachers and in the same room as Sunday School. Mom knows that all the teachers are background checked and receive continued education. Every week a parent will help out and so I've seen, firsthand, the wonderful care the kids receive. I know that all the toys are cleaned each day, which is seems like overkill but is completely necessary with the infinite drooling & colds that occur among toddlers.

Hmmm, which toy is next?

The 2 and 3yo's have free time after which they help clean up. (Yea for learning to clean up!) They get to play in the "Muscle Room" with the big toys where they run their little hearts out. Sometimes they even get to play with bubbles, which Jack will remind the teachers to bring if they forget. Then, Jack & his friends eat healthy snacks, they learn cute prayers and the importance of washing their hands. All the kids help put away their chairs before story time and singing songs. Then more playing.

Jack can be a lil mischievous.

The best part is that school totally helps get Jack's wiggles out. A couple weeks ago was Spring Break so Jack didn't have school... Those are the weeks that Jack spends his energy terrorizing the house, pulling poor Charlie's tail and breaking the kid latch on the knife drawer.

This pic is Mom-mom's favorite.

Okay, the actual best part is how excited Jack is when Mom-mom comes to pick him up. She is guaranteed a big hug from her happy guy.

Photo Credit: Rachel Drecshel.

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