Thursday, August 29, 2013

Orris King 1925-2013

Orris Trela King
Loving Mother
1925 - 2013
When my Grandma's last days where upon us, I wrote the following words to share with her...

Lindsay & Gma
circa 1987
My Dear Grandma,

You have always been one of my favorite people in this world. Growing up you were bigger than life, and not just because you were tall in stature or so physically strong. I think it was your strength of heart. It takes a pretty amazing woman to single-handedly parent that rowdy passel of children like you did. And, to choose to continue living when your eldest son passed away. Now that I'm a parent, too, I more fully understand the strength it required to continue.

One of my favorite, childhood activities was listening to mom tell stories about growing up in a home with six children. I remember one story where you tried to take a nap only to have some stranger knock on the door to tell you that your children were ice skating on the pond. The temperature wasn't low enough to freeze the pond entirely so they had waded out to the ice. It's no surprise that you have always been one of the strongest women in my life. You have to be, to put up with your wild bunch.

Grandma with Zeke & Carbin
You are sweethearted & loyal in your caring for others. Whether it be your son, Steve, or one of the people you encountered as a social worker. Even while in the hospital this week, you would ask your caretakers how they were doing and reach up to stroke their face.

 Stubborn as a mule. I remember you visiting our home in Seattle. We had this 8-foot-tall, blueberry bush with the most delicious fruit. You were harvesting like crazy despite the large beehive tucked in the branches. After being stung several times, mom implored you to leave the bush & bees alone, but you didn't think the bees should get all the berries. Mom was falling apart in laughter at your stubborn streak while she continuously put a baking soda and water mixture on your stings.

Look what poor Grandma had to deal with!
Rosemary, Rita, Grandma, Brenda.
You are fiesty, as Clarke can attest.

A brilliant and quick-witted mind who enjoyed books, crosswords and word puzzles up to the end.

I imagine your resourcefulness partially grew out of necessity, but I'll never forget my amusement when I saw how you packed lunch for me one time. In your frugal way, you used an empty coffee tin for my chips rather than wasting a plastic bag. Some may have been embarrassed, but I was proud of my Grandma who had strived despite hard times.
Great Gma OK & Jack
Resilient. Before divorces were acceptable, you had one and you continued to hold your head high. Before women were common in the workforce, you proved to be a force of your own.

Homemaker. Even though I only visited once a year or so, your house always felt like home. I always enjoyed your cooking. I remember your amusement when I was so excited after you made creamed peas. I remember when you introduced me to peaches with cream and a dash of sugar. Mmm! I'll always remember that you were able to make a good meal out of nothing.

April 2013
Mostly, I will remember that I was your favorite. Or, at least, that's what I always told you, but the truth is
that you were my favorite, Grandma. I love you, and I'm going to miss you.

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