Saturday, October 29, 2011

Jack is Eleven Months!

You've gone all month without seeing your daddy, which is pretty crappy of the damn army but luckily he comes home tonight. I know he is so excited to play with you and see all your neat-o new tricks, and I know you've been missing him.

This month you figured out how to get from laying down to a sitting position. I'm not sure I love that because when I try to force encourage you to crawl you just roll over, sit up and start scooting around on your bottom. You also managed to pull yourself up into a standing position next to the couch, but have only done that one time. Perhaps, because we are doing a better job at keeping fun stuff, like laptops, out of your reach. I'm not going to lie, you manage to get into everything!

After a bath.
Lucky for you, Jack, you're pretty adorable. You have this new courtesy smile where you scrunch up your face. Mostly you do it when you want someone to be happy with you. You love to laugh. Last night you belly-laughed so hard you actually fell over, which made Mama get the giggles, too.

In his PNW gear.
My favorite things you've learned this month is to give hugs & kisses when asked. It's so sweet, even if your kisses are more like sucking on someone's cheek. It's cute... but, just for a couple more months. My other favorite thing is that you occasionally say, "mama". It sounds more like "baba," but I'll take it.

I love you, Sweet Son.

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