Thursday, November 15, 2012

I'm So Thankful - Pt 13, 14, 15

Nov 13th
I'm thankful for my car. I like a good roadtrip now and then. I like the freedom of going wherever I want, when I want. In fact, I kinda want to go on another mini roadtrip all of the sudden.

Happy Jack getting ready to eat some grub!
Nov 14th 
I am so thankful for good health insurance and quality health care. Jack had tubes put in his ears and it was a rough day for the two of us, but it's over now and Jack should be healthier & happier camper. My favorite moment of the day was watching my little, two-year-old boy in just a toddler hospital gown & diaper as he carried his pig through the hospital halls.

Nov 15th 
Today I was able to visit with my Grandma King. I haven't seen her in over a year, but this week she moved in with mom. I feel pretty blessed to have her living close. Today, I'm thankful for my grandmas.

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